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Best Auto Repair Customer Service

At Forest Grove Auto Repair, we put our customers first. We deliver high quality auto work, timely repairs, certified technicians, warranty acceptance and all-around professional business behavior.  Our customers are often surprised and pleased to experience our promise, professionalism and dedication.

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Good communication is the key to your vehicle’s well-being, just as it’s critical to communicate with a doctor concerning your physical health. In the same way you are encouraged to know your body and how it functions, you should know how your car, van or truck works and ride. Recognize how it drives when it’s in good shape. Don’t ignore signs that something may be off or that everything isn’t quite right.


For best results in keeping costs down while staying on top of potential problems to avoid bigger issues, staff at Forest Grove Auto Repair recommends that you:

  • Follow service schedules outlined by your automaker.

  • Check your owner's manual to understand how systems and components should work.

  • Keep records of all repairs and services on each vehicle to avoid duplication.

  • Don’t ignore warning signals. Watch for unusual sounds, smells, jerks or jolts.

  • Bring your vehicle in for a checkup when you notice strange noises or sense anything odd.

Forest Grove Auto Repair
Engine Belt

Our staff is committed to keeping you informed on the type of maintenance or repair your vehicles or your fleets need. You can help us help you by giving us a complete description of an issue you may have with your auto. Use all of your senses to assess your auto’s performance.


  • Unusual sounds or smells

  • Drips, leaks, smoke

  • Warning lights

  • New gauge readings

  • Lowering fluid levels.


  • Is it constant or periodic?

  • Does it happen when the vehicle is cold?

  • Does it start or stop after the engine has warmed up?

  • Is it a problem at all speeds?

  • Does it occur only at acceleration? During braking? When shifting?

  • How long has your vehicle had this issue?


  • Changes in acceleration

  • Shaky engine performance

  • Poorer gas mileage

  • Worn or wobbly tires

  • Rattling belts or hoses.

  • Difficulty in handling, braking, steering

  • Unusual vibrations.


For faster and better service, communicate your findings when you bring your vehicle in for care. Be prepared to describe the symptoms, or give us your notes to consider in examining your vehicle.

Just let us know what hasn’t seemed right, so we can put your instincts to work with our technical analysis and expertise to solve your problem. In the same way your doctor uses your input to prescribe medicine or provide a cure, our technicians can combine what you tell us with their technical tools and expertise to diagnose your vehicle’s ailment and provide remedies.

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